Spring Training in full swing

IPL Executive Director Joe Higgs as well as other leaders are teaching about leader development in congregations this spring. The trainings revolve around the importance of including justice in our institutional missions, developing leadership in our institutions, and tools for creating relationships that lead to leadership development. The trainings are for leaders who have been involved in OTOC organizing since the beginning, as well as people who are new to organizing and IPL’s leadership development strategies, including members from new OTOC congregations. Trainings are being held in different locations throughout the city to allow many parts of the city to be involved.


Interested in coming to training? Join us for session 4:

Session 4: Building a team of leaders to work within congregation and community

Thursday, April 19 at St. Pius Church Hall on 70th and Blondo at 7 pm

Saturday, April 21 at St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church at 2423 Grant St. at 4 pm

Monday, April 23 at St. Luke United Methodist at 11810 Burke St. at 7 pm

st. benedict sess 2
Session 2 about developing leaders at St. Benedict the Moor
St. Luke Sess. 1
Session 1 in West Omaha at St. Luke UMC