Short Month, A lot of Action

Short Month, A lot of Action



February was a busy month at Institute of Public Leadership. We helped organized 6 events at Urban Abbey in collaboration with OTOC-Omaha Together One Community. Over the course of the month, over 200 engaged citizens attended either an Issues Café or a game night of playing Mexican Bingo (La Loteria).


The Issues Cafés covered a wide range of topics and were engaging and educational. The Issues Cafes were hosted by OTOC action teams, but we invited numerous other friends and community leaders to learn and teach with us. The topics ranged from the changing landscape of immigrants and refugees, to transportation. The Transportation Issues Café was the only café that was not hosted by an OTOC action team. Sarah Johnson and Angie Eikenberry, from Mode Shift Omaha, informed us on how we can benefit individually and as a community from embracing alternative transportation options.

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The Following OTOC Action Teams hosted events

  • Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Pay Day Lending
  • Immigration and Refugee
  • Mexican Bingo (La Loteria)
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Transportation (Hosted by Mode Shift Omaha)