IPL collaborates in refugee community workshop to fight drug use

Institute for Public Leadership (IPL) collaborated with several other local organizations to organize a workshop on July 28 to educate refugee families living in North Omaha about the dangers of methamphetamines and alcohol abuse. The need for these workshops first emerged in discussions of the Refugee Mental Health committee which IPL helped organize in 2014. Heartland Family Services and OmaPemry Training in July 2015 with two talking

Omaha Police Department took the lead in organizing the event.IPL and several of our collaborators have worked together to develop a number of ways to help refugees learn about the dangers of drug and alcohol use.

talking to health providersOPD Captain Shana Ray was the subject of a recent front page story about her work with refugee communities and their reporters took pictures at this event.

Click on the link below to read the story about Captain Ray and see more pictures from the workshop:

Omaha World Herald “In the Heart of the Community”

large group talking about drugs