Fifty refugee leaders attend workshop on Healthy Mind

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Fifty refugees from Karen, Kareni, Burmese, Nepali, Sudanese and Somali communities attended the workshop on a Healthy Mind which IPL helped organize with the Refugee Health Collaborative

IPL worked with the Refugee Health Collaborative to organize a workshop on Healthy Minds for leaders of Omaha’s refugee communities on Saturday, February 20 at Augustana Lutheran Church.

Claire Herzog  of Ready in Five and Alana Schriver of the OPS lead an informative and engaging workshop attended by fifty refugees from 6 different countries and groups.  The workshop focused on helping refugees understand what mental illness, how to maintain good mental health and how to get help for yourself or a loved one if you realize that help is needed

Six interpreters helped refugee leaders understand the basic ideas about how to maintain mental health

IPL has worked with the Refugee Health Collaborative over the last two years to develop educational programs to help refugees learn how to access preventive and primary health care in a timely manner and in an appropriate way. IPL and OTOC leaders have worked with a number of community organizations including UNMC College of Public Health, Refugee Empowerment Center, LFS, Douglas County Health Department and Embrace the Nations on this ongoing effort to improve health care for refugees in Omaha.