IPL working with OTOC to organize Summer Training Academy: “Leadership in an Election Year”

OTOC and Institute for Public Leadership will hold 3 workshops this summer to help Omaha leaders prepare for “Leadership in an Election Year.” All sessions will be from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at Augustana Lutheran (3647 Lafayette Ave).

Monday June 13–Listening and Telling our Story: Creating a Narrative for the change we want in our communties

Monday July 11–Sharing our narratives and agenda for change with voters; how to organize successful non-partisan voter education campaigns

Monday August 8–holding a large accountability session with candidates for office; how to make our agenda the candidate and successfully win their commitment to support it

IPL helping organize May 21 Workshop for Refugees on Women’s Health and May 24 Meeting on NE Property values

IPL is working with leaders of the Refugee Health Collaborative to organize a workshop on Saturday, May 21 from 10:30 to Noon at Augustana Lutheran for refugee leaders entitled “Women’s Health: What everyone needs to know!”  Refugee women will meet with Libby Crockett, MD of the UNMC College of Public Health while the men will meet with Dr. Armando de Alba.

JordahBoth physicians will be assisted by refugee leaders  who will interpret their teaching into several common refugee languages including Karen, Burmese, Nepali, Arabic and Somali interpreters who will assure that participants are able to understand. These are interactive workshops designed to help refugees learn how to access health care appropriately, understand the complex US health care system and how to keep their families healthy.  To download a flyer, click on the link below:

Womens Health flyer May 2016 – 2(2)

Community Meeting about Property Valuation in Northeast Omaha

IPL is also working with OTOC leaders to help organize a community meeting on Tuesday, May 24 at Clair Memorial United Methodist to discuss why tax valuations in the Northeast area of Omaha have been reduced so drastically, first by the Douglas County Assessor’s Office and again the Nebraska Tax Equalization Commission. Residents will learn what they need to do if they want to protest a valuation they consider to be too low or too high. They will also hear from Attorney Gary Fischer of Family Housing Associates about how families can build and protect the equity in their home, and how to avoid losing value.

IPL will also lead the group in discussing how congregations and community groups can work together to increase the demand for affordable housing in Northeast Omaha, thus increasing the value of that housing.

For a flyer about this meeting, click on the link below:


IPL to host May 25 After Work Gathering to Celebrate OmahaGives and Thanks our Donors

Join us Wednesday May 25 from 5 to 7 pm for 

IPL’s After Work Gathering

to celebrate OmahaGives24 

              and IPL’s work  to develop leaders among immigrant and refugee communities , school parents and OTOC Action Teams  

which you made possible this year   

Join us at the lovely home of Jaymes and Christine Salestrom

6744 Burt Street, Omaha, NE 68132

RSVP at iplomaha@gmail.com


Drop in for Conversation, Appetizers and Spirits

(Colleagues, Spouses & Friends Welcome)

IPL’s OmahaGive’s Contribution Strategies

  • Want to increase your impact by 50%? The IPL Board will add 50% more to your tax deductible contribution…so your contribution of $100 will mean $150 to IPL for leadership development.
  • Time means money! Give on line to IPL after 4:00 p.m. CST on May 25th so we can compete for a Participation Award of up to $3,000 during the last 8 hours… that means after 4:00 pm (but before Midnight) on May 25th.
  •  Split your total contribution between spouses and/or family IPL is more likely to win a Participation Award if you split your total family contribution between the members of your household, each giving on line.

To make a contribution, click on the link below:

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