IPL After Work Gathering draws 140 people and together we raised $23,000

Thank you so much for your great support to the Institute for Public Leadership (IPL) during OmahaGives. May 20 was a bit cool and dark outside but the McLaughlin-Gomes home was warm, lively and full of 140+ friends who attended our After Work Gathering.Photo of historic home

Main room photo
Over 140 people came between 5 and 8 pm to celebrate OmahaGives with IPL…and over 180 gave on line

Over 180 people contributed to IPL during the day, and over 110 people gave during the last 8 hours, helping IPL win one of only 15 participation awards given to the mid-sized organizations with the most donors!!!

Together we raised over $23,000 so that IPL can continue our work providing leadership training to emerging leaders from refugee and immigrant communities, school parents and leaders of OTOC member institutions. Thanks

Here is how your contributions to IPL came in

$16,893 from 182 on line donors

$   3,600 from IPL Board and friends in Extra Bonus $$ to boost your gift

$     690 Cash and checks contributed at the After Work Gathering

$   1,500 Participation Award from Mutual of Omaha

$ 22,683

$500    Expected matching dollars from Omaha Community Foundation

Fr. Mike and Sr. Mary

Thanks for your great support to Institute for Public Leadership

Attached is a pdf of a brochure about the leadership training by IPL which we made available last evening. We would love to hear from you if you want to learn more and participate in this ongoing work to improve our community.

For more information about IPL go to our website at iplomaha.org

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IPL Board & Staff issue matching challenges to OmahaGives donors

IPL Board Challenge

On Friday, May 15 the IPL Board announced that it will contribute an extra $30 to IPL for every donation that you make after 4 pm on May 20. So if you give even $10 to IPL, your contribution will result in a $40 total contribution to IPL to continue its work providing leadership and skills development to emerging leaders in Omaha.

By giving during this last 8 hour block, you can help IPL win a participation award of as much as $3000 for mid-sized non profits with the most contributions during the last 8 hours of the day. So invite all the members of your family to make a contribution to IPL during this time and help IPL win a participation award.

Rev Nelson presenting 175 clergy names at UnicameralIPL Staff Challenges

To Clergy and Religious: The IPL executive director/organizer and supporting clergy also issued a challenge saying they will contribute an extra $25 for the first 20 donations by clergy or women religious who give to IPL. So even a $10 contribution by a member of the clergy or woman religious will result in a $35 contribution to IPL.

To IPL and OTOC Trainees: The IPL executive director/organizer issued a second challenge to anyone who is involved in training programs offered by IPL. He will add $10 to the contribution of the first 20 IPL or OTOC trainees who make a first time contribution to IPL. So anyone who has been a part of Refugee Culture Night, New American Civic Academy, Refugee Women Leadership Academy or an OTOC Action Team who makes a first time contribution of even $10 will see their contribution doubled to $20.

Burundian  community Chiors
Refugee Culture Night 2014

Please take time to make a contribution to IPL so that we can continue our mission of providing leadership and skills training to emerging leaders in Omaha.


IPL Hosts May 20 “After Work Gathering” as part of OmahaGives

Learn about IPL at  After Work Gathering

Over 50 Board Members and friends of Institute for Public Leadership are inviting friends, colleagues and family to attend an After Work Gathering on Wednesday, May 20 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the historic home of Mac McLaughlin and Heather Gomes located at 38th and California.

Photo of historic home
Historic Home of Mac McLaughlin and Heather Gomes where we will hold After Work Gathering on May 20

You are invited to Drop in for Conversation, Appetizers and Spirits.

Lat May, over 100 guests enjoyed the beautiful home of Mark Hoeger and Jane Erdenberger and the pleasant Spring weather.

The IPL Board invites you to come learn about IPL’s leadership development with Omaha’s immigrant & refugee families, school parents and members of OTOC member congregations.


Please consider a donation of any size to IPL, a tax-deductible 501(c)3 organization. If you cannot attend, please donate by check or at iplomaha.org from May 1st- through Midnight of May 20th.


In 2014, Board Vice President Ken Reed Bouley told the guests about the work of IPL

To give to IPL, go the IPL home page  donation page, click on the OmahaGives logo or click on the following link:

Link to IPL giving page on Omaha Gives

 To see pictures of the 2014 After Work Gathering, click on the pdf below:

Photos from IPL After Work Gathering on May 21




Second Refugee Women Leadership Academy focused on Resolving Conflicts

Cat Keating and womenTen refugee women attended the 2nd session of the Refugee Women Leadership Academy on May 7 at Augustana Lutheran.  The focus for the meeting was to help refugee women learn how to resolve conflicts that naturally occur in families, the workplace and all aspects of life in a way that is as healthy and satisfying as possible.

Cat Keating, a graduate student at the Werner Institute for Dispute Resolution at Creighton, led the session. Cat is particularly qualified because after her graduation from Creighton as an undergrad, she spent two years in Africa, working with children and learning more about the reality of refugees. As her graduate studies are concluding, Cat recently accepted a three year position working with the Mennonite Church in Palestine on a peace making mission.

Lah Wah and Thablay Moo interpreted for those Karen speakers who did not speak English and there was a great deal of sharing and story telling as the Karen women shared from the heart about some of the stresses and concerns their families have experienced, first as refugees, and now as immigrants to a new land and culture.
Food for May 7
Each session of the Refugee Women Leadership Academy begins with a dinner and Koo Moo prepared a great meal this week for the group. Cat Keating and the interpreters spent most the 70 minute session answering direct questions from the women who felt able to open up and ask questions based on their own experiences. These meetings are for women refugees and their female allies so that women feel free to share from their hearts. Food for May 7

At the end of the session, the women asked if they could continue with the topic at the next Leadership Academy Session scheduled for May 21 at 6:00 pm at Augustana Lutheran.  As a result, the group agreed to ask Cat Keating to return and to invite another female speaker to discuss related topics that evening.

Margarita Higgs provided childcare which will be available each session so that the participants can focus fully on participating in the session.

To learn more about the next Refugee Women Leadership Academy, email IPL at iplomaha@gmail.com or call at 402-344-4401.Children playing